8 Horrifying Wedding Cakes Slideshow

8 Horrifying Wedding Cakes Slideshow

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Aztec-Inspired Skull Cake

At first glance you might not notice the middle layer of this cake made by Santa Monica-based The Butter End Cakery, shaped as a skull and disguised in flowery fondant shapes and glitter. Take a closer look — it's watching you with a creepy, menacing glare.

Web-Topped Cake

Rather than a trio of white layers decorated with pearl trim, one couple opted for a smoky swirled cake crafted by New York-based Cake Alchemy, topped with a real spiderweb and a white skull. Gorgeous, but it seems like something you'd be more apt to find at a funeral, no?

Exploding Dinosaur Cake

Instead of the classic layer cake, how about instead having a monstrous dinosaur rising out of an exploding tree trunk (complete with what looks like blood and gore — or lava), as Cake Alchemy crafted here? And yes, that is the bride in one hand, groom in the other. Looks like Dino is hungry.

Wedding Day, Bloody Wedding Day

Yes, this is a wedding cake, crafted by Connecticut-based J-Cakes. Note to the groom: Don't anger your bride…

Corpse Bride Cake

Inspired by the dark Tim Burton film, New Jersey-based Pink Cake Box crafted this Corpse Bride for one couple's wedding day. We just hope this bride hasn't risen from the dead just to marry her husband-to-be.

Nightmare Before Christmas Cake

Yet another Pink Cake Box creation inspired by the Tim Burton classic The Nightmare Before Christmas… While it might appear creepy to the eye, we'd devour a slice in a second without pausing to think — carrot cake with hazelnut buttercream, vanilla with raspberry Chambord, chocolate with peanut butter buttercream, and red velvet with vanilla? Oh my!

Chains and Skulls Cake

Cake Alchemy crafted this cake for one soon-to-be-wed couple. Yet, the chains and skulls remind us of balls and chains, and being imprisoned. Wait, is that what marriage is?

Skeleton Cake

Bony skeletons, sticky spiderwebs, fluttering bats, and creepy, colorful zombie faces… It's not the typical adornment to a three-tier wedding cake. But for one couple, it’s exactly what they wanted Cake Alchemy to craft for them.

10 Real Wedding Cakes That May Inspire You to DIY

If you're thinking about making your own DIY wedding cake - or perhaps one for a friend - it's always great to find some inspiration. Yet when you search the internet, most cakes you'll see are made by professionals in a bakery. Of course those are beautiful - their makers have tons of experience and time to focus. Yet if you don't want your labor of love to end up on Cake Wrecks, it's better to stick to a simple and realistic project.

So we've rounded up real examples of DIY wedding cakes with tips about how they prepared, what they wish they'd done differently, and most importantly, pictures of how the ordeal turned out.

This first example is one I made many years ago, giving you an example of what an amateur baker could accomplish, along with tips about how to give a tiered cake structure so it doesn't collapse. It's rustic and unrefined, but it was an easy project for a beginner.

30 Wedding Cakes We're Loving for Fall Wedding Season

Finding a fall wedding cake that is seasonal and stylish is surprisingly simple! In selecting our favorite cakes for the season, our editors were honestly thrilled by the options available. We found designs that felt quintessentially rustic, and others that felt romantic, modern, and even traditional. And while we admit that we may be partial to a white cake dressed in the season's best—from fresh foliage to berries and branches—we're just as into the more unexpected designs. From pretty cakes with seasonal touches to styles with modern metallic accents and unexpected shapes, we found autumn-inspired wedding cakes for every style couple.

What to see what we're talking about? Keep reading for 30 wedding cakes that feel perfect for the fall season. Scroll through, save your ideas, then tweak the designs to match your wedding style, whether it's modern, rustic, romantic—or a combination of them all! Because, moral of the story: It is possible to have a wedding cake that feels perfect for fall and right for your wedding's aesthetic, whatever that may be.

Wildflower Cakes created this tiled confection that was hand-painted in shades of blue and orange and finished off with delicate fall leaves.

Saltadena Bakery made this beautiful burnt orange cake, proving that colored icing can be chic. We especially love how this was done in a mini size and decorated with coordinating blooms (by Calibri Blooms).

Autumn Nomad—a fitting name, right?!—dressed this plain white cake for the season with dried flowers, petals, and textured grasses.

Flourish Cake Design used a fondant printer to print a pattern designed by this stationer bride, then draped it over the square wedding cake. Says the bride, "It was one of the most talked-about details of our wedding—many guests didn't believe it was real!"

This buttercream confection, made by SusieCakes, was decorated with fall leaves, berries, and dried grasses.

As another take on the simple white cake, Alliance Bakery created this pretty confection with a layer of textured stripes and a plain base accented with a delicate floral design. A handful of fall leaves completed the look and also added just a touch of color.

This genius from Hey There, Cupcake! combined our favorite elements from fall, including metallic accents, fall foliage, and—of course—that hanging display.

This simple white cake was decorated with a bundle blooms off-center.

At this Montana wedding, Miss Patti Cakes created a simple buttercream cake that was decorated with peach roses, golden leaves, and a statement pink dahlia. A wooden based completed the rustic yet elegant look.

Hello, chocolate! The Solvang Bakery dreamt up this romantic cake with two tiers of chocolate frosting and an abundance of blush blooms.

For this wedding in Boulder, Colorado, Shamane’s Bakeshoppe created a three-tiered cake decorated with delicate illustrations of mountains and trees. It was further decorated with roses, berries, and figs.

This semi-naked cake by Sugar Lane Cake Shop was wrapped in delicate branches, proving that rustic can be done in a chic, even romantic way.

Whipped Bakeshop lined this two-tiered cake with dried pears, and we're simply obsessed. The result is modern, organic, and totally sweet.

Baker Kuisine took this cutting cake to the next level (literally!) by piling fruit on the top tier and around its base.

At this fall wedding in North Carolina, Edible Art filled this semi-naked cake with strawberry filling, then topped it off with antique hydrangeas. “Cutting the cake was the only time Ed and I left the dance floor,” recalls the bride.

The Cake That Ate Paris completed this confection with a metallic geode-inspired finish—and, as a final touch, added a fern spray painted gold!

The couple's four-tiered, hanging wedding cake was wrapped in white fondant and brushed with gold, then displayed on a wooden swing in the garden. Inside, Sugar Cloud Baking Company hid two unexpected (but yummy!) flavors: apple hummingbird cake with cream cheese icing and ginger cookie crumbles and almond cake with raspberry compote and buttercream.

Poetry in Motion put a unique twist on our go-to favorite—blooms, and buttercream—with this cake by lining each tier with red-hued foliage, then adding blush blooms to achieve a look that feels like a romantic take on the fall season.

We've talked a lot about white cakes dress up with seasonal accents, but let this cake by Belmond Hotel Caruso's in-house caterer serve as one last reminder. Here, this simple cake was decorated with mini citrus fruits, proving that citrus, when paired accordingly, can work for any season. even fall!

This semi-naked cake by Edith Meyer Wedding Cakes was made with vanilla and lemon flavors and raspberry filling. It was then topped with ferns, eucalyptus branches, and greenery.

Favorite Cakes decorated this textured confection with vines, white booms, and a dose of lavender up top.

This naked carrot cake was topped with fresh fall flowers by Mayflour Confections.

Fresh figs and ivy completed this semi-naked cake by Paper Cake Events.

Another fig favorite, this cake was decorated with textured icing and a drip finish.

This wedding cake was made for fall with details such us semi-naked frosting, gold specked accents, and vibrant blooms.

This white cake was paired with a navy base for an added pop of color.

Anne Kathleen Cakes took the white cake to the next level by adding gold leaf details and a textured base.

This wedding cake was accented with fondant feathers and greenery by Sweets Bakeshop.

Picture Perfect

Lucy Davenport Photography

Can a cake be too beautiful to eat? These jaw-dropping floral illustrations deserve to be framed, but will make an even bigger statement at any romantically feminine fête or garden-party themed affair.

Step 5/9

  • 550 g raspberry jam
  • 10-inch/25-cm cake board
  • cake turntable
  • 8-inch/20-cm cake board
  • serrated knife
  • rubber spatula
  • 6-inch/15-cm cake board

Assemble each tier: level each cake by slicing off a thin, even layer off top to create a level surface. Cut each cake in half so each tier has four layers. For each tier, smear a dab of buttercream onto corresponding cake board. Place first layer of cake down on top of cake board, then spread thin layer of jam onto it. Place next layer of cake on top and spread a layer of buttercream on top. Continue until tier is complete and place in refrigerator to chill. Repeat with each tier.


  • CAKE:
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 (20-ounce) can crushed pineapple with juice
  • 1 cup walnuts, finely chopped or crushed
  • 3/4 cup flaked coconut
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/8 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese, room temperature
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream
  • toasted shredded coconut, for topping

16 Wedding Cupcake Ideas to Complement Your Wedding Cake

Looking to add even more flavor to your wedding cake? How about adding a bunch of tiny cakes (aka: cupcakes) that you can customize with the flavors and decorations you want? Adding wedding cupcakes to your dessert display is a great way to bring a lot of different flavors together and it's cost effective. If you have a large guest list and want to cut down on the cake cost, swap in some supplementary desserts and take a tier of two off the cake by creating your own cupcake wedding cake. Cupcakes are also an ideal way to meet special dietary needs without much extra effort.

Adding wedding cupcakes into the mix doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the age-old tradition of a wedding cake—you can have both! Customize a small, one-tier cake that can be shared between the newlyweds or opt for a trendy cake that can feed all of your guests and give out the cupcakes as to-go treats. A cupcake wedding cake can allow you to up the style, and the flavor, of your reception. Explore these wedding cupcake ideas to inspire your sweetest dreams.

Pick Your Flavor

You can go with a standard vanilla wedding cake if that's what you prefer, but modern brides have a world of flavors available to choose amongst. Chocolate wedding cakes are becoming more popular every year, but you might also want to consider other flavors like lemon and lime or raspberry. Your baker can even whip up custom flavors for the cake and add a second, complementary flavor with a layer of filling. In fact, each tier of your cake could be a different flavor combination - all disguised under the same elegant decoration.

By nature, weddings are already imbued with romance&mdashyou're celebrating a marriage, after all. Still, some couples want to go the extra mile to plan a wedding that not only feels romantic, but is styled romantically, too. What exactly does "romantic" mean in the context of event design? We associate the term with anything that's elegant and dreamy&mdashthink classic details in a soft color palette and an optional touch of whimsy. One of the best ways to achieve the theme is through your wedding cake. That's why we've compiled a list of some of our favorite romantic desserts.

When in doubt, gravitate toward a simple tiered confection that's decorated with blooms, like this one by The King Cake. Know that that's not your only option, however, as the following desserts will prove to you. Try accenting with other fine or formal touches, including ribbons, piping, or ruffles. Or, focus on the shades that you use&mdashwe like baby blue, light pink, pastel purple, and creamy yellow. You can also look to your celebration's specifics, from the venue to the season, for inspiration. Thematically, romantic is often blended with rustic or traditional.

Here, we present some of the best ideas for a romantic wedding cake. Whether you're fixated on florals, a towering structure, or even a delicate flavor, there's a dessert that might speak to you and your nuptials. Overall, the following options are as sweet as romance itself, which means that once guests see something like them, they're bound to fall in love at first bite.

12 Favorite Naked Cakes

“Naked” cakes are all the rage! These unfrosted beauties come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors—even funfetti! Beautiful topped with lush flowers, delectable filled with fruit, and absolutely adorable in ombre shades, why not consider a naked cake for your next celebration? Here are 12 of our favorite naked cakes!

The combination of chocolate cake and creamy pink filling makes this gorgeous confection from A Piece o’ Cake one of our favorites.

This petite cake from French Kiss Pastries makes a big statement, with 5 naked layers!

Take your naked cake to the next level with thin layers, pretty roses, and berries!

Ombre is all the rage, and this three layer pink cake from Darling & Daisy adds a new twist on the trend!

Beautiful for autumn, yellow cake from Sugary and Chic Cake Boutique is perfectly paired with deep goldenrod and cream roses.

Pair a simple white cake stand with a pretty layered unfrosted cake. Top with sweet berries or small buds.

Who said cakes have to be round? This multi-layer square confection from Stardust Bakery is beautiful topped with succulents and berries.

My favorite naked cakes are topped with gorgeous florals, and the addition of a beautiful greenery garland? perfection.

Unfrosted cakes don’t have to be romantic and rustic. Martha shows us that a rainbow sponge cake can be beautifully modern too!

Creamy white frosting is key in this light-to-dark ombre cake creation from d’lish.

Perfect for the upcoming July 4th holiday, this dainty dessert from Call Me Cupcake is vanilla sponge cake with vanilla syrup, mascarpone cream and fresh berries.

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