The best dough for jellied pies! Without exaggeration!

The best dough for jellied pies! Without exaggeration!

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  1. Eggs 3 pcs.
  2. Sour cream 300 gr.
  3. Flour 120 gr.
  4. Salt 1/3 tsp
  5. Dough baking powder 10 gr.
  • Main ingredients


1) I put sour cream in a bowl, with a fat content of 15-20%. I will add 3 medium-sized eggs to it (55-60 g. - 1 pc.). Add salt, about 1/3 tsp. and mix with a regular hand whisk until smooth. It takes about 1 minute. Half of the sour cream can be replaced with mayonnaise, I cooked this way and that, I did not notice much difference, so I cook from what is in the refrigerator.

2) Then sift 120 gr. flour and 10 gr. baking powder, baking powder can be replaced with 1 tsp soda without a slide, but I prefer to cook with a baking powder, it is absolutely not felt in the finished pie. The dough turns out pretty liquid. Grease a baking dish with vegetable oil and pour half of the dough. My mold is 24 cm in diameter. Then distribute the filling, I have stewed cabbage with spices.
How to prepare a delicious filling for pies or pies, see the link on the screen or in the description below the video.
The filling can be any.
I distribute the rest of the dough from above. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and bake in a preheated oven to 180 * C at a level below average until cooked, usually it takes 30-40 minutes. If the top is burning, and the cake is not ready, cover it with foil.

3) If you are preparing sweet cakes, be sure to add vanilla sugar and sugar to taste. If the fruits (currants, cherries, peaches) are frozen, you need to defrost, decant the excess juice and add a little starch to them, so that when baking the cake does not become very wet.


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