Tartar sauce with pickled mushrooms

Tartar sauce with pickled mushrooms

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Ingredients for making tartar sauce with pickled mushrooms

  1. Mayonnaise 200 milliliters
  2. Sour cream 18% 200 milliliters
  3. Pickled mushrooms 1 jar (200 milliliters)
  4. Pickled cucumbers 1 jar (200 milliliters)
  5. Pickled peppers 1/3 cup
  6. Mustard 2 teaspoons
  7. Sugar 1 pinch
  8. Seven peppers to taste
  • Main ingredients: Cucumber, Pepper, Mushrooms, Sour Cream


Kitchen knife, cutting board, tablespoon.


Step 1: chop the mushrooms.

Rinse the pickled mushrooms with cold water and dry them by folding them into a sieve, then cut them into very small cubes. We are preparing the sauce, not the salad, so the pieces of all the pickles should be as small as possible.

Step 2: chop the cucumbers.

Chop the cucumbers very finely, draining the whole brine that has stood out, we don’t need it in the sauce.

Step 3: chop the peppers.

And chop the pickled peppers in the same way.

Step 4: mix the dressing.

In a hotel plate, mix mayonnaise, sour cream, sugar and mustard. Add freshly ground pepper to taste.

Step 5: mix the dressing with vegetables.

Mix all prepared vegetables in one plate, leaving a little for decoration.

Add dressing to vegetables and mix well to make the sauce uniform.
Let Tartar stand in the refrigerator for a while so that all tastes and aromas mix.

Step 6: serve tartar sauce with pickled mushrooms.

Transfer the tartar with pickled mushrooms into a saucepan and garnish it with vegetables, ground pepper and sugar, laid aside on top. You can add fresh greens for showiness. Serve this sauce cold.
Enjoy your meal!


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