Salad "Men's tears"

Salad "Men's tears"

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  1. Chicken Breast 250 g
  2. Korean carrot 250 g
  3. Champignons canned. 350 g
  4. Mayonnaise 350 g
  5. Cheese 150 g
  6. Boiled eggs 4 pcs.
  7. Onion 1 pc.
  8. Vinegar 50 g.
  • Main ingredients: Chicken, Mushrooms
  • World Cuisine


Cut the onions in half rings, pour 50 ml. vinegar, set aside a little pickle. Finely chop the chicken breast, spread the first layer in a salad bowl, grease with mayonnaise. Next, lay the pickled onions. Next, finely chop the mushrooms, lay on top of the onion and grease with mayonnaise. Next, rub the eggs and distribute with the next layer. Then finely chopped carrots in Korean and grease with mayonnaise again. And at the end we put the grated cheese.
Enjoy your meal!


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